Destination First
38 Academy Street
Suite 2
Madison, CT 06443

Phone: 203.533.4393

Fax: 203.245.1179

Do You Have Short-Term or Time-Sensitive Initiatives?

Destination First offers ‘Back to Basics’ targeted project support for short-term, time-sensitive, goal-oriented improvements.

The steps are:

  • First, an assessment of your improvement needs that:
    • Outlines a clear, tangible picture of success;
    • Reviews the tools, approaches, and skills in your organization;
    • Provides a no-nonsense recommendation on where best to invest your improvement resources.

  • Next, a customized, results-oriented improvement project design that:
    • Defines a simple, easy-to-execute plan that optimizes your resources;
    • Details specific timelines, milestones, and resource needs;
    • Identifies tangible and accurate measures of success to avoid surprises.

  • Lastly, improvement project oversight and management to:
    • Afford real-time status reporting on milestones, progress, and resource consumption;
    • Prevent milestones from becoming millstones;
    • Either succeed or fail fast – and change course if necessary;
    • Ensure improvement investments result in tangible progress toward your organization’s strategic goals.

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