Destination First
38 Academy Street
Suite 2
Madison, CT 06443

Phone: 203.533.4393

Fax: 203.245.1179

Destination First Targets Your Success

Golden Compass launched its Destination First service to address the growing need for clarity around the numerous, often expensive, and time-consuming approaches to operational improvements. Destination First’s holistic approach targets the improvement opportunities that are critical to an organization’s strategic objectives by leveraging practical implementations of improvement tools and methodologies that are tailored to the organization’s unique situation. Destination First consultants bring considerable expertise in people, process, and tool improvement approaches. Most importantly, all of our consultants are committed to your success, the guiding principle of the Golden Compass brand.

Where Does Your Organization Want to Go – and How Do You Get There?

In order to be successful, you must first determine your destination – the end goal. The core principle of Destination First is that you have to know where you want go before you can figure out how to get there.

But when it comes to getting there, how will you choose one particular improvement methodology over another? And what is the best use of your finite resources?

That’s where we come in. Golden Compass, Inc. created the Destination First service to help organizations sort through the many operational improvement options with the end goal in mind.

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