Destination First
38 Academy Street
Suite 2
Madison, CT 06443

Phone: 203.533.4393

Fax: 203.245.1179

What makes Destination First Different?

We understand that no one knows your business better than you do. Destination First always works to leverage your people, processes, and tools to help you reach your destination.

What makes Destination First different is its holistic approach to creating a clear picture of what success looks like for you, and then selecting from the right quality improvement, people management, and strategic tools to help you achieve tangible success. The result is a customized approach perfectly tailored to your business’s unique goals, challenges, and culture.

We Leverage Your Strengths

“It is far better to recognize the limitations of a tool and to benefit from its suitable application than to stretch it beyond its natural domain.”Dr. Michael Hammer and Jeff Goding, Quality, October 2001

Six Sigma. Lean. ISO 9000. Process Re-engineering. The Balanced Scorecard. And other process improvement, strategic planning, and culture change management approaches. Chances are, you’ve heard of some of these different improvement methodologies, or perhaps even tried them at your organization.

Each of these methodologies has their strengths and weaknesses, but no single methodology or toolkit is the panacea of all operational problems. Not one of these methodologies on their own addresses all three fundamentals of operations—people, processes, and tools—in a practical way.


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